M. Sophia Newman, MPH, is a writer whose work has been published in The Atlantic, Religion & Politics, Vice, Vox, Tin House, Lithub, and elsewhere. From February 2015 to February 2016, she wrote a column, Health Horizons, for Next City on global health innovations (e-book version here). She's previously reported on violence in South Africa and the US with support from the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, from West Africa for Beacon and Pacific Standard Magazine, and in post-earthquake Nepal via an Awesome Foundation Grant for Journalism. In 2014, she received a Shannon Fellowship from the International Thomas Merton Society to report on environmental issues and religion. She continued this work at a 2015 writer's retreat at Collegeville Institute for Cultural and Ecumenical Research. She has also been a finalist for Write a House (2015), the AWP WC&C Scholarship Competition (2016), a Knight Science Journalism Fellowship at MIT (2016-2017), the Payton Prize (2017), and the VanderMey Nonfiction Prize (2017).

Before beginning her writing career, Sophia completed a Critical Language Scholarship in Bengali (2011) and a year of health research as a Fulbright scholar (2012-13), both in Bangladesh. She holds a BS in cell and molecular biology (Tulane University, 2009), a master's degree in public health (University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012), and a certificate in global mental health from the Harvard Program on Refugee Trauma (2015-16). In addition to writing, Sophia currently holds a position within the global health field.