After Halfway:

A Project of Language, Music, and the Body

Becoming FLuent in 4 Languages

In the past 15 years, I've become semi-competent in 4 languages: Spanish, learned in my own Chicago neighborhood; Bengali, forcefully absorbed in State Department intensives; Italian, learned out of sheer love; and Norwegian, the native language of a dear friend. Yet I've fallen into the same trap as so many Americans: I've only ever gone halfway to fluency.

The next 400 days is about fixing that. I'll become fluent in 4 languages; explore connections between language, music, and the body; and find out what it takes to be fully multicultural.

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It's Only Slightly Impossible!

The common thinking is that, as a person in my mid-thirties, I'm out of the "critical period" for acquiring languages. I'm also busy with a full-time job, which means I don't have time to study intensively. Oh, and I'm supposed to be going deaf (ha!).

But nothing is better than something that's supposed to be impossible, and I have a plan to make fluency in 1 new language every 100 days a reality.

It involves you. Connect here, on Instagram, or on Patreon.

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