Knitting the Ravelled Sleave of Care

Joy of the Day 13/365: Sleep.

Sometimes even feeling sick can be a good deal. I have an allergy problem, and when I eat certain foods I can feel pretty sick. Yesterday, I ate at a cafe and realized that I didn't feel so good. Usually that means the next day is a day of fatigue.

So today I was tired, stayed in bed a little later than I thought I might, took a three-hour nap in the afternoon. I was lucky to be able to get away from responsibilities to do that, and even luckier, because that sleep was fantastic.

It was "sleep that knits the ravelled sleave of care," as Shakespeare once wrote, because it was a bunch of dreams that took me back to times my mind is still working on. I dreamed of people I know in real life, but here things were resolved: I caught two brothers stealing from me, threw them out and locked a door; I saw a friend who in real life is struggling mightily and had a chance to converse with the old, calmer version of him; I talked to an old supervisor and told her that I was fine, I had regained all my confidence, but would not be returning to the work we'd done together.

I woke up feeling like lying in bed was a highly productive thing to do. Then I realized that in some ways that is always true.

Pretty good day.