It's "Pat"

Joy of the Day 21/365: "pat"

...Sitting on the el train reading in a line in a novel that compares the name "Pat" to the sound of a rusty hammer banging, and thinking, "Huh, really?!"

Then, musing about how "pat" is like a soft tapping or petting motion, or a small piece of butter (yum), or a part of the premise of a terrible and now deeply outmoded 1994 SNL-derived movie about an androgynous person, which "has a rare 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes," per Wikipedia...

Thinking about how Pat is also the name of my older brother, who is happily totally unlike any SNL character -- but who, in our childhood, once used his own name as evidence that the annual local Saint Patrick's Day parade was "for him." (Unfortunately, he was also born on Independence Day, which led to this happening twice in a year.)

...Getting a bit amused by all this stuff about "Pat," and wondering how anyone could possibly get to the conclusion that the word is like a banging hammer.

Forgetting the book, getting off the el, and eventually going back to the story later and finding it's much better than that one goofy line would seem to indicate.