Galway Kinnell's "Last Gods"

Joy of the Day 11/365: "Last Gods," by Galway Kinnell

I have realized recently that I will quite likely never write anything about a certain part of my private life in any public setting. Since I don't write fiction or poetry and have no ambitions to start, that means I'll write essentially nothing on this topic, at least as it regards specific individuals or explicit depictions. And I'm not excited about it as a topic of reportage, either. 

That said: I think there's a certain need for people to be able to read depictions of sexuality. It has the same importance as any other media representation can have for one's life, in this case a complex and private part of one's life, with the added value of having public health dimensions, too. It can make a person normal, more realistic in their expectations, and sometimes harder to exploit.

Plus, it is fun.

"Last Gods" is one of the most romantic things I have ever read. It is sexually explicit, but so sweet. Plus it has nature in it. And Galway Kinnell was a serious bad-ass at his work, and is a name people should know.

So this is pretty much perfect. 

Joy of the Day once for a great poem, and twice for someone else doing genius work at a necessary task that I myself am not well-positioned to do.