Correction Fluid & Work Precision

Joy of the Day 29/365:
Today I went to take a test for a job at the State of Illinois. I was at the front desk of the employment center, and this worker was filling in some paperwork for me. She misspelled a word, took out some white out, and carefully corrected it while I watched.

I wanted to say something to her about how awesome I thought it was, but I didn't know what words to say. There was too much to explain: When I lived in Bangladesh, one of the worst things that I saw and experienced was corruption that crushed work ethic by making it an act of stupidity to work with any kind of sincerity. The pervasive lack of integrity among the professionals I knew, and the resulting lack of quality in work output, was demoralizing and depressing in a way that lingered in my life for a long time.

And here I am in Chicago, and we have what feels to me like an enormous privilege: the ability to work sincerely and have that work rewarded well enough that we end up doing precise little things like putting correction fluid on misspelled words on not-terribly-important forms.

It's hard to explain it all in just a few words, but it made me happy today.