A Day Well Spent

It started off with a career counseling session that gave me real hope.

Then I narrowly dodged a huge rainstorm that came out of almost nowhere. (I happened to be under the eaves of the City Hall, and could duck into their lobby to wait out the cloud burst.)

Then I had a kale salad with mango and edamame for lunch, and if that's not nice, I don't know what is.

Then a few hours studying Italian, then a long walk up the Magnificent Mile in the sunshine.

I stopped for a taco -- with egg, bacon, and tater tots, plus salsa -- essentially a nice salty heart attack on a plate. Then I walked it off with another four-mile walk up the length of Lincoln Park, and through the part of the city that is all narrow streets and old houses, like Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Then I stopped in a cafe and ended up writing 1,800 words, before getting on the el to a bookstore where two poets read their mildly famous, thoughtful work.

Joy of the Day 26/365 is a day well spent.